Testimonials & Reviews

Robert has helped us put together an incredible funnel and helped us really understand all the different parts of the funnel, and how to calculate all the different important KPI’s based on how much we have to spend as a startup.

- Casey Fenton | Founder of Couchsurfing.com & CEO of Upstock.io

I feel a lot more confident about it, and it completely aligns with what I want it to be, and with my vision for my brand.

- Renata Valkova | Sceneryoils.com

The final result is definitely way more than I expected honestly I think the longer we worked together the more I could see more what you could do which was causing me to have all of these new ideas, so its definitely above and beyond what we expected and everyone is super happy.

- Sydney Miller | Marketing Manager of Butchhaze.com

You actually helped us clarify some of our goals and refine our message a little bit better and definitely improve a lot of the things we had not considered in earlier versions of our website.

- Alison McGann | Non-profit AAGW.org

Before I started the project I was absolutely confident that some sort of marketing on my own would have some success if not be optimal. I was kind of shocked at how poorly I did, and how difficult the tools were, and I realized I needed an expert. Robert seemed to be that expert so that was pretty helpful.

- Oliver Sisson | former Google employee & Founder of www.konjugationkeyboard.com