Paid Ads for Business Credit Loans Startup

Manpower Funding, as a short- term business loan provider, plays a crucial role in assisting businesses with financing their projects.

Recognizing the need to expand their clientele, Manpower approached us to devise strategies aimed at attracting new business clients who meet specific minimum requirements.

Facebook & Google Ads

We began the process by establishing Facebook and Google Ad accounts for Manpower Funding, followed by the installation and configuration of tracking scripts.

After conducting thorough keyword and topic research, we proceeded to design compelling ad creatives and engaging copy, subsequently setting up ads on both platforms.

The subsequent stage involved creating landing pages with a focus on high conversion rates, along with conducting split tests to evaluate and optimize the conversion rates.

Google and Facebook ads
Hubspot ad tracking

Hubspot Ad Tracking

103 Leads in one month at $8.82 per lead

Landing page 2
Landing page 1

Project Scope

  • Customer Profile
  • Business Page Optimization
  • Split Test Landing Pages
  • Ad Creative and Copy
  • Graphic Design
  • Facebook Ad Creation
  • Google Ad Creation and Management
  • Funnel KPI Calculation and Estimation
  • Website Marketing Analytics and Tracking
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