The voice of democracy

January 2018 - Present

Let your voice be heard

Around the same time that I started my company float,  I also began putting together the skeleton for a project that I named Votechain.  Votechain is a project to restore faith in the American voting system and to provide a way for any country in the world to run elections safely and securely, or for its citizens to compare the government's results to that of the citizens using the Votechain app.  Simply put, it is the next great hurdle for democracies to get over - online voting. 

With any venture though there is a need to make money.  There are many revenue models that I have considered but any silicon valley VC will tell you that if you have subscribers there will always be a way to monetize those subscribers.  This is how both Google and Facebook began, so the plan with Votechain is to start much the same way.  In order to get the subscribers though you need a good plan.  

The plan for Votechain is to capitalize on the upcoming, controversial US Presidential election and use the hype to help drive new users to the app.  With my knowledge of Facebook and Google ads I have designed a strategy to create highly targeted ad campaigns which will focus on swing districts in the US with the hopes of  creating a larger than normal sample size of the voting population of those districts.  

Simply put, it is the next great hurdle for democracies to get over - online voting.

Prior to the app launch though the app still requires a proper landing page and lead capture funnel from the home page.  I designed a simple yet professional looking home page and incorporated a two step lead capture for requesting a user invitation. The lead capture is connected to a marketing automation platform that will save important information about the subscriber and will notify them that they can join as soon as the app is publicly available. I also added an animated timeline to highlight some of the more important milestones the app must accomplish in order to be ready for the 2020 Presidential election.


  • Full Website
  • Marketing Automation Configuration
  • Request Invite Home Page Lead Capture
  • Social Media Brand Graphics
  • Funnel KPI Calculation and Estimation
  • Website Marketing Analytics and Tracking
  • Lead Magnet Development

I designed a simple yet professional home page