Equity For Everyone

August 2018 - Present

This was the second startup I'd worked with

My work with Upstock began with a phone call to my friend, the co-founder of Couchsurfing.com, Casey Fenton.  I had worked with him on another startup a few years back called Wonder, and I had a few ideas of how we could promote his new project.  Upstock is an online platform where workers can record their hours and where companies can pay their workers in company equity.  I instantly recognized the potential and after a few discussions, we decided I would come on board for a trial run.  If everything went as planned, the responsibilities of my role would increase over time.

After my first month working with Upstock, the person in charge of marketing stepped aside to pursue another project, which gave me the opportunity to test out my skills.  The work started off at ten hours a week and after I was promoted to the head of marketing my work load grew to right around thirty.  

During my time with Upstock I put together a preliminary marketing plan plus setup and configured the backend marketing platforms for Facebook ads, Google ads, Google analytics, Ontraport and more. 

I also completely redesigned the top part of the home page to focus on lead generation, by introducing the request invite email capture system.  Over the course of 6 months, this system alone was able to generate 10X more leads passively than the Upstock website had generated in the previous year.  

The video on the Upstock home page was also out of date when I started, so I updated the video and edited out Upstock's old name, Mast.ly. After three months we replaced the updated video with a brand new video.  I edited together a video of Casey giving the investor slide deck presentation over the top of the slides he was presenting. The video was added to the home page so that investors could see the presentation when they visited the site.  This video stayed on the home page for six months until the home page was completely redesigned on Wix.com.  They switched to Wix so that it would be easier to manage without the help of a web designer, and they got rid of all marketing videos on the home page in place of a single request invite button which can be found on the current home page as of September 19, 2019.

Here is a testimonial from the CEO of Upstock, Casey Fenton:

This video was shot on July 10, 2019 and on the day of shooting this video Casey had 4 separate pitches to investors.

Here is an example of one of the Upstock videos I worked on:

Working with a startup helps bring out your creativity.

[First Cut | Filmed on iPhone 6 plus | Edited in Adobe Premier Pro]

Don't forget to hit the settings button in the bottom right corner and choose full 1080p

I also created a squeeze page on a subdomain of the main website where people could request an invite to the Upstock app. Here are some examples of the site that I built, designed and managed myself:

I also created a learning platform on the site that acted as a lead magnet and a way to capture new leads for the app.

Every squeeze page needs a good lead magnet though so I created a Worker Equity Guide that would serve as a lead magnet and that would direct all traffic to the discover.upstock.io website.  Here is the lead magnet that I created from scratch in its final version after collaboration and editing.

Click here to see the full 11 page pdf.

I also put together a document which detailed all the costs associated with marketing the app to businesses and how much it would cost to acquire a client.  I used industry standard numbers to come up with realistic KPI's for each stage of the funnel.  It laid out a plan of how to get Upstock to a Million dollars a year in gross revenue and then a second plan of how to get Upstock to one million dollars a month in gross revenue. 

The above image is the actual calculation spreadsheet that I setup for Upstock.  On the left you can change the values of each KPI and see how it effects all downstream KPI's.  On the right is a visual representation of each step of the funnel with its corresponding KPI based upon the input and calculations on the left.



















The example above is shows a cold calling 2.0 cold email campaign and the KPI's associated with each step of the funnel.  It starts with cold prospects (CP), then qualified prospects (QP), conversion rate (CVR), qualified leads (QL), CVR, request demos (RD), CVR, new customers (NC), CVR.  This funnel shows realistic numbers based upon industry standard conversion rates.  for every 10,000 cold prospects we would get 1 new customer using this technique.

In December I began formulating a launch strategy to launch Upstock to the world, and I worked with Upstock's lead developer to link the marketing automation and customer relationship management software  to the Upstock app.  Below you can see an example of the Ontraport Automation setup for the Launch.

The Launch was stalled in January though due to lack of funds.  Upstock is now fundraising in order to be able to launch to the public later in 2019.  As of July of 2019 they are still seeking new funding.

My role as head of marketing has ended until it is clear when Upstock will have the funds to launch. Once funds are raised, and they can afford my services again I will reassess my options and availability.


  • Full Launch Strategy (PLF)
  • Marketing Automation Configuration and API Integration
  • Request Invite Home Page Re-design
  • Wordpress Learning Platform
  • Promotional Video Filming and Editing
  • Social Media Brand Graphics
  • Funnel KPI Calculation and Estimation
  • Website Marketing Analytics and Tracking
  • Lead Magnet Development
  • FAQ's for Website
  • Outbound Sales Strategy
  • Investor Cold Outreach Strategy