Don't panic it's organic

April 2018

I always loved to work with people in sustainability

My friend Sebastian has been working in Sustainability for over ten years now and his current dream is to start a hempcrete business where he lives in Quebec.  About two years ago he built his first hempcrete cabin at a sustainable community called Terraperma and I helped him with the construction on more than one occasion.  What he really needed though was a website and marketing plan so I worked with him on developing out the digital side of his business as well.

I started with a simple website at  and color scheme with very earthy tones and a standard sort of layout.  As always the site was built from the ground up to be mobile responsive.

I helped Sebastian build his first cabin and his website.

On top of the usual pages on a standard business site, I also added a learning page so that Sebastian could create online courses.  The courses would serve first as a way to attract people who were interested in doing hempcrete themselves to his site and to establish him as an expert.  The second purpose was to attract people  to his site that wanted hempcrete but were unsure if they were ready to commit to doing it themselves.  

Here is what the learning page looks like:

I also added a learning page where he could create online courses for the site

I also made sure the brand was consistent across multiple platforms on social media and made sure that there was a signup on his website connected to an marketing automation platform so he could build his list and follow up with people who had shown interest.

His business is also in Quebec which is primarily French speaking so it was important to make a multi-lingual site for him as well.  The full site can be found in both French and in English and the switch between the two is seamless. No translation plugin was used because with the technical nature of the site it was important to do a manual translation so the site would remain consistent and clear across both languages.


  • Full Wordpress Website
  • Multi-lingual Site With Independent Languages (No Translation Plugin)
  • Marketing Automation integration
  • Wordpress Learning Platform
  • Promotional Video Filming and Editing
  • Social Media Brand Graphics
  • Funnel KPI Calculation and Estimation
  • Website Marketing Analytics and Tracking
  • Lead Magnet Development

A multilingual site with independent translation - no translation plugin