A new darker concept

March 2018 - September 2018

The new focus was lighting

I worked with Steph, the owner of Concept 72, to re-design their website to include a new darker theme.  The original site was very light with lots of white space in the background and didn't highlight his outdoor lighting.  Concept 72 provided many different landscaping services but Steph wanted to switch to landscape lighting.

Steph wasn't sure though if he was ready to change everything right away, so I came up with a hybrid concept that would allow him to keep the current site, but add in a new dark themed lighting page that had a very different look and feel to the rest of the site.

I also created a Landscape lighting Design Guide from scratch, as a new lead magnet to get signups on the website and facebook ads.

Click here to see the full guide

Left - updated home page with new Images Right - dark themed lighting page

The video above showcases some of the photos I made adjustments to so that they would stand out from the originals.  I put these photos together into a slideshow, set to music, with titles, and I used it for social media posts and facebook ads.  It also had a permanent spot on the lighting page.

One of my other tasks was to manage the Concept 72 instagram and I posted 2-3 photos a week to the instagram.

Another project was re-designing over 27 blog posts from plain text to correspond to the Concept 72 brand and to be mobile responsive.  Of the 27 blog posts, five were written by me during the same time as well.

Each month I sent out an email campaign for a total of  five months, and I created an email automation sequence of four emails that would automatically be sent to new subscribers at set intervals.

The aspect ratio is 1:1 for instagram and facebook

Example of the once monthly email marketing campaigns

Landscaping is seasonal business in Montreal and near the end of the season I ran facebook ads for over a month and a half until the season was over.  During that time the cost per lead was about $9 per new lead and the projected cost to acquire a new client (CAC) was between $300 and $500 for a $7000 average price tag for landscape lighting.  


  • Full Website Re-design and Re-brand
  • Marketing Automation
  • Blog Posts
  • Monthly Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Promotional Video Filming and Editing
  • Social Media Brand Graphics
  • Funnel KPI Calculation and Estimation
  • Website Marketing Analytics and Tracking
  • Lead Magnet Development
  • Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Posts

$9 a lead with a projected $300-500 CAC, on a $7000 price tag per project