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May 2018- March 2019

The goal was to get new clients through the door

When I started working for the Anti-aging Clinic their technology was a little behind the times. They had a scheduling app that worked but it didn't integrate with automation and analytics platforms. They also ran facebook ads, but they had no real concept of lookalike audiences or re-targeting ads. They only created posts on their facebook wall and boosted them when they wanted to promote a special.  Their google mybusiness page was so out of date, the website and phone number listed were wrong. 

I quickly updated their scheduling software so that we could track appointments, and I implemented call tracking system to keep track of which sources were creating new clients, and which ones were not. I made sure all information was correct across all platforms and I installed google analytics and facebook pixel tracking scripts on their website and in their new scheduling software.  It quickly became clear after updating the phone numbers to the correct number, that both yelp and google mybusiness were the two largest sources of organic traffic and new clients. Their number one source of traffic had been sent to the wrong phone number and no one at the clinic knew, or knew for how long the number had been incorrect.

In the first month of running ads I was able to get them new clients in the door and after 3 months I had the data to show that the ads were profitable enough to scale.  Over the course of one year, I ran over 30 different facebook ad campaigns including facebook contests, monthly events, discount offer lead ads, post engagement ads, and re-targeting campaigns.  I created and tested about a dozen lookalike audiences and began segmenting traffic into custom audiences based upon website pages viewed or interactions they had with the ads I was running.

I also created 90% of all the ad content including copy, pictures, videos and landing pages. Here is an example of a long form sales letter that I wrote 100% of the copy, and designed myself:

Original: Gainswave Landing Page

Here is an example of a video that her staff took on a smartphone that I edited and turned into an ad:

It quickly became clear that yelp and google mybusiness were the two largest sources of new clients

Don't forget to hit the settings button in the bottom right corner and choose full 1080p

In December of 2018 the clinic acquired a new piece of equipment called Gainswave and I tested a few different ad strategies to get new clients to sign up for consultations. After a few tests I finally found the right formula to get a new client consultation for the Gainswave treatment and at a cost of $4 per new lead and $80 per new consultation.  The price of the treatment itself was $3000 and once they paid off the cost of the equipment, the treatment would be nearly 100% profit. This ad was a textbook example of an ad that could be highly profitable at scale.

With such a low ad budget though to work with, the clinic was unable to afford the ad spend required to scale the ads, and I decided to transition away from them as they found a marketer who was more suited to their budget considerations.  I finished up my work for them in March of 2019 and from May to March, I had helped them grow their email subscriber base by 3 times its original size.


  • Full Marketing Strategy
  • Facebook Ads
  • Marketing Automation and Email Campaigns
  • Marketing Subdomain Wordpress Website
  • Promotional Video Filming and Editing
  • Mybusiness Updates
  • Call Tracking
  • Facebook and Google Analytics
  • New Scheduling Platform and Marketing integration
  • Facebook Events and Posts
  • Copywriting
  • Sales Landing Pages

This ad was a textbook example of an ad that could be highly profitable at scale.